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One of the biggest impact case was the improvement of the satelital communication for airport services. The biggest division in Mexico dedicated to regulate Mexico’s sky traffic and give airport services needed to update and interconnect their Digital Information network.

Due to the previous business realized with them, they put in charge of Siselectron the task to make their CCTV, Broadcast and communication services to be interconected in a simplier way.

Siselectron’s professional services had been recognized in the private and in the public sector by its quality and its wide range of services.

The airport division was already using Siselectron’s devices for its IP communications, and in this case the SNI3050 switch was elected to perform this communication improvement in their headquarters. By setting only five SNI3050 switches, they were able to interconect their communications for a better and faster performance.

Once finished the installation, hundreds of square metters were rightly connected and ready to share information between administrators in a fast and secure way.

Switching mode: store -and -forward

• Spanning Tree Protocol:

802.1D, 802.1w & 802.1s / Fast Forwarding / Edge Port / Loop Guard / BPDU Filter/Guard / Auto Edge / TCN Guard / Root Guard


IEEE 802.1Q Tagged Base / Port -Based - Private VLAN / GVRP / GMRP / 802.1v Protocol VLAN / MAC / Based VLAN / IP- Subnet VLAN / MAC / Based Voice VLAN / VTP v1/v2 / QinQ


  • Ultra low latency
  • ECMP
  • Openflow support
  • Network automation
  • High-Performance L2/L3 access deployments
  • High Availability

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