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The biggest TV corporation in Latin America needed the installation of new servers into its Datacenter. This corporation is a preferent client of Siselectron, so this is a service that they requested each time that it has been needed to change or update. After considering the bennefits that Siselectron bringed to the corporation since the first service realized, they have become into a regular client due to an increasing earned thrust that has been kept from years.

Considering the effective and powerfull equipement and the professional service that Siselectron can provide, the TV corporation made the request to instal new servers into its Datacenter as they have done each time that they needed to change or update their Data Center servers.

After analyzing the deployement of 10GB from the Siselectron’s SNI5054 Switch and the fast way that it can communicate applications with final users, the corporation made the choice of this device to be installed into its servers. Once installed into a single local device, the Switches saved a lot of money with it variety of multiple port and density options. Also, their communications were improved, something critical in a gigant corporation as it is.

• Switching mode: store -and –forward

• Spanning Tree Protocol:

802.1D, 802.1w & 802.1s / Fast Forwarding - Edge Port / Loop Guard - BPDU Filter/Guard / Auto Edge / TCN Guard / Root Guard


IEEE 802.1Q Tagged Base / Port -Based 4 o 93 / Private VLAN / GVRP/GMRP / 802.1v Protocol VLAN / Voice VLAN / MAC -Based VLAN / IP-Subnet VLAN / MAC -Based Voice VLAN / VTP v1/v2 / QinQ


  • Power requirement: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.
  • Power consumption: 330 watts
  • Switching capacity: 1.44Tbps
  • Maximum forwarding rate:1071Mpps
  • Latency: - 3us
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3/ECC
  • Flash: 128 MB

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