Whether you’re planning a business trip or a vacation, one of the most important decisions to make is which hotel you’re planning to stay at during your time of visit. Today, the hotel rank Wi-Fi access is a priority over many other services. Guests have the expectation of having a good Wi-Fi signal when they stay at a hotel just as much as getting a good night’s sleep. Nothing is more frustrating for the hotel guests than battling with an irregular Wi-Fi connection. In a lot of cases having poor Wi-Fi quality and upset customers will negatively affect the hotel’s return on investment, and that’s the reason of needing a reliable Wi-Fi signal.

The Portonovo Hotel is an all-suite, 56 room extended stay hotel which receive tourists and business travelers that wants to stay nearby to downtown Mexico. While the Hotel promoted free Wi-Fi access in every suite, guests were frequently frustrated by the difficulty or inability to access the network throughout the four-story building. To solve the problem, the hotel contacted to Linkpower consulting a partner of Siselectron Technology. Upon inspecting the existing wireless network infrastructure, consulting team found that the existing network was not providing adequate coverage throughout the building and that in areas where there was coverage, the signal levels were poor. They needed to deploy a new, more powerful business-class wireless network infrastructure.

The first step was to identify and deploy a new wireless network based on the complex hotel structure requirements. With this information Linkpower team decided to implement 15 SWE2520 dual-band access for rooms and business facilities meanwhile outdoor installations Linkpower engineers implemented 6 SWM3530. After finishing the deployment the signal was huge everywhere, ideal to provide a customized ski pass-checking system on the mountain, video content walls and Wi-Fi to support table-side ordering The Siselectron Wireless line is a perfect solution for operations that occupy complex structure properties and that need to deploy wireless connectivity from one simple and accessible AP platform.

To meet the expectations of today’s hotel guests, the Siselectron Hotel Wireless Network Solution ensures that devices such as tablets and smartphones can access the Internet in every area of the hotel, from guest rooms and meeting rooms to dining rooms, gardens, and swimming pools. Deploying Siselectron across Portonovo Hotel has saved to IT administrator and his team significant time and troubleshooting. The Hotel now boasts robust, stable guest wireless and is no longer receiving complaints and poor reviews from guests about their technology experience.

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