siselectron technology

4 10/100 TX PoE
2 10/100 TX


• Four 10/100 TX Power over Ethernet ports and two redundant 10/100 TX uplink ports

• DC 48V Power Input for IEEE 802.3af 48V PoE output

• Up to 25W per port for High Power solution by Forced powering mode

• Auto-detect Powered Device status for device auto-reset (LPLD)

• Patented Multiple Super Ring technology (MSR TM), up to 5ms recovery time

• PoE control and schedule by hour/weekly basis

• Patented Rapid Dual Homing (RDH TM) ) technology

• SNMP v1/v2c/v3, IGMP snooping v1/v2/v3, RMON, VLAN, QoS

• Network security by IP/MAC address, SSL and SSH

• Built-in hardware watchdog timer for system auto-reset


• Store and Forward Technology with

3.2Gbps wire-speed non-blocking Switch Fabric

• System Throughput: 1.785Mpps

• MAC Address: 2000

• Packet Buffer: Embedded 1Mbits shared buffer

• Transfer performance: 14,880pps for

Ethernet and 148,800 for Fast Ethernet and

transfer packet size from 64 to 1522Bytes

• PoE Technology: End-Span wiring architecture

standard, and 25W High power deliver procedures

for class ID4.

• Protection: Provides over-current protection

by PD class ID


• Management interface: SNMP v1, v2c and

v3, Web browser, Siselectron Technology NMS

and CLI Management

• Management Security: 4 entries for web,

telnet, SNMP management security

• SNMP Trap: Provides Cold start, Warm start,

Port event, Power event, Authentication failure,

PoE trap and Siselectron Technology private

trap for proprietary functions

• SNMP MIB: Ethernet MIB, Siselectron

Technology Private MIB

• Siselectron Technology Utility: Supports Siselectron

Technology NMS with IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer

Discovery Protocol for device and link auto-topology


• Firmware upgrade: TFTP and HTTP

• System Log: 1000 system entries for system or remote

log server

• Event Alarm Relay: for port link down, PoE and System

power events

• Quality of Service: Quality of Service determined by

port, Tag and IPv4 Type of Service

• Class of Service: IEEE802.1p class of service, with 4 priority


• DHCP: Supports DHCP Cilent and DHCP Server function

• Timer: Supports Network Time Protocol (NTP) to

synchronize time from NTP Server

• VLAN:Port based VLAN

• IGMP Snooping:Supports IGMP Snooping

v1/v2/v3 and IGMP Query v1/v2

• Network Redundancy: Function for network redundancy

with 5ms network recovery time; To inter-operate with other

higher level switches, SNM1406 provides Dual Homing II

technology to SNM1406 also comforms with

IEEE802.1D 2004 edition

• PoE Control: Enable, disable, or based on Schedule

• Power Limit Control: The control mode supports

IEEE802.3af Standard, Manual and Ultra mode for

25W Hi-power or forced powering mode for Non-standard PD.

The maximum DC power delivery on each PoE port is

12.9W@DC 48V input or 25W @ DC57V input

• PoE Schedule Control: Each PoE port can be activated and

powered scheduling with different rule. It supports weekly

schedule on hourly basis

• IP Security: IP security to prevent unauthorized access


• Standard:IEEE 802.3 10Base-T

• IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX

• IEEE 802.1p Class of Service

• IEEE 802.3 Flow Control and Back-pressure

• IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree

• IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery

Protocol (LLDP)


• Number of Ports:

- 4 x 10/100Base-TX with PoE Injector

- 2 x 10/100Base-TX ports

- 1 x RS-232 Console

• Connectors:

- 10/100TX RJ-45

- Console: RJ-45

- Power & relay alarm: 6-pin Terminal block

• Cable:

100Base-TX: 4-pair UTP/STP, Cat.5e/Cat.6

cable, EIA/TIA 568B 100-ohms (100m)

• Reset Button: For system reboot

and factory default setting

• Diagnostic LED: - Power LED:

-Power 1/Power 2 (Green)

- Fast Ethernet Port 1~4: Link(Green)/Activity (Green blinking)

- PoE Powering (Yellow on), PoE Detect (Yellow blinking)

- PoE Disable (Yellow off),

- PoE Powering failure (Yellow fast blinking)

- Fast Ethernet Port 5,6: Link(Green) /Activity (Green blinking)

• System Power:

Support positive or negative power system with DC 48~57V power input range and polarity reverse protection

• Power Consumption:

8 Watts @ 50V (Maximum) without PD loading

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