siselectron technology

8 /10/100 BASE TX


• 8 /10/100 Base TX PoE ports and 2 Gigabit RJ/ SFP combo ports

• IEEE 802.3af 15.4W / IEEE 802.3at 30W High Power PoE

• SFP ports support 100/1000 Mbps with Digital Diagnostic

• Monitoring DDM to monitor long distance per quality

• Hi-Pot Isolation Protection for ports and power

• Multiple event relay output for enhanced device alarm control

• Industrial heat dispersing design, -40~75°C wide operating temperature

• Advanced management by LACP/VLAN/GVRP/QoS/IGMP/ Private VLAN/QinQ/Snooping/Rate Control/On line Multi-Port Mirroring/DHCP

• Advanced Security system by Port Security, Access IP list, SSH and HTTPS Login

• Event Notication through E-mail, SNMP trap and SysLog

• IEEE 802.1AB LLDP and optional Siselectron Tecnology NMS software for auto-topology and group management Cisco-Like CLI, Web, SNMP/RMON for network management


•Switch Technology: Store and Forward

Technology with 32Gbps Switch.

• System Throughput: 8.3 Mega packet

per second

• CPU performance: 2000

• Packet Buffer: 32 bits ARM-9E running

at 180 Mhz and performance up to

200MIPS; Embedded hardware based

watch-dog timer.

• System Memory: 8M bytes flash ROM,

64M bytes SDRAM

• Packet Buffer: 1M bits shared memory

for packet buffer

• Forwarding performance: 14,880 pps for

Ethernet and 148,800 pps for Fast Ethernet,

1488,100 pps for Gigabit Ethernet.

• Environment Monitoring: Embedded board-level

thermal detector for system temperature monitoring

System Management

• Configuration and monitoring interface: Telnet, local

RS-232 console, Web- browser interface, SNMP, Trap

and SMTP interface.Cisco-Like CLI, Telnet, Web,

TFTP/Web Update for firmware and configuration backup and

restore, DHCP Client, warm start, factory default, Admin

password, Port Speed/Duplex Control, status, statistic, MAC

address table display, static MAC, Aging time, SNMP v1,

v2c, v3, Traps and RMON groups 1,2,3,9.

• Telnet & Local Console:

Supports command line interface

• SNMP: v1, v2c, v3 with SNMP trap function, trap station

up to 4 and can be manually configured the trap server IP


• SNMP MIB: MIBII, Bridge MIB, Ethernet-like MIB, VLAN

MIB, IGMP MIB, Siselectron Technology Private MIB

• Siselectron Technology Utility: Supports Siselectron

Technology NMS with IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer.

Discovery Protocol for device and link auto-topology


• Network Time Protocol: Supports NTP protocol with

daylight saving function and localized time sync function

• Management IP Security: IP address security to prevent

unauthorized access

• E-mail Warning: 4 receipt E-mail accounts with mail server


• System Log: Supports both Local or remote Server with


Network Performance

• Port Configuration: Port link Speed, Link mode, current status and


• Port Trunk: IEEE 802.3ad port aggregation and static port trunk;

trunk member up to 8 ports and maximum 5 trunk groups include

Gigabit Ethernet port

• VLAN: IEEE 802.1Q Tag VLAN with 256 VLAN Entries and

provides 2K GVRP entries 3 VLAN link modes- Trunk, Hybrid and

Link access

• Private VLAN: Direct client ports in isolated/community VLAN to

promiscuous port in primary VLAN

• IEEE802.1 QinQ: Supports Double VLAN Tag function for

implementing Metro Network topologies

• Class of Service: IEEE 802.1p class of service; per port 4

priority queues

• Trafic Prioritize: Supports 4 physical queues, weighted fair

queuing (W.R.R.) and Strict Priority scheme, which follows 802.1p

CoS tag and IPv4 ToS/ DiffServ information to prioritize the trafic

of your industrial network

• IGMP Snooping: IGMP Snooping v1/v2c /v3 for multicast

filtering and IGMP Query mode; also support unknown

multicasting process forwarding policies- drop.

• Rate Control: Ingress/Egress filtering for Broadcast, Multicast,

Unknown DA or All packets

• Port Mirroring: Online trafic monitoring on multiple selected ports

• Port Security: Port security to assign authorized MAC to specific


• DHCP: DHCP Client, DHCP Server with IP & MAC Address

binding, DHCP relay and port based DHCP server

• IEEE 802.1x: Port based network access control

Power over Ethernet

• PoE Standards: IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at End-span wiring


• PoE Operating Mode: Auto mode: Auto detects and powering by

IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at 2-event / 2-event plus LLDP

behaviorsForced mode: User con¿gured power consumption

without detection, classification

• PoE forwarding conductor: V+: RJ-45 conductor 3,6 V-: RJ-45

conductor 1,2

• Power forwarding ability: IEEE 802.3af: 15.4w /port, IEEE


• PoE System Power Budget: 120W @ 75°C / 240W @ 60°C, 95

Humidity, DC 48V power input

• Power Budget Control: Port-based system power budget control

with first plug-in high priority mechanism

• Power Consumption: 8 Watts 50V (Maximum) without PD loading

•Enclosure Port: 10/100Mbps PSE port: 8 x RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port : 2 x RJ-45 with auto DI/MDI-X function100Mbps / 1000Mbps Fiber port : 2 x SFP Socket for SFP fiber transceiver with Hot-swappable and D.D.M. functions Console port : 1 x RJ45 for system configuration. Digital Input / Relay Output port: 4-Pin removable terminal block connector. Power input port: 4-Pin removable terminal block connector

•Cables: 100 Base-TX: 2-pairs UTP/STP/FTP Cat.5 cable, EIA/TIA-568B 100-ohm (100m)1000 Base-T: 4-pair UTP/STP/FTP Cat.5e cable, EIA/TIA-568B 100-ohm (100m) Uses STP or FTP cable can provide higher electromagnetic resistance to correspond vertical market standard, such as rail way EMC – EN50121-4.

•Digital Input: Digital Input (Hi): DC 11V~30V Digital Input (Low): DC 10V~0V Supports sink type signal input with photo-coupler isolation

•Diagnostic Indicators: Power: Green On: (System power applied) D.I.: Green On (digital signal high level is detected) D.O.: Red On. (relay active and form as) on Sys: Green On (System Ready), Blinking (System perform firmware upgrade) R.S. (Ring status): Green on (Ring normal) / Blinking (Ring with wrong port), Yellow on (Ring abnormal) / Blinking (device's ring port failed) LNK (Link): Green on, ACT (Active): Green Blinking PoE: Yellow on ( PoE is applying power)

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